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Gallegos Lighting Design has provided comprehensive lighting services to themed entertainment places for almost 30 years.   Over the course of numerous theme parks, family entertainment centers, themed stores and restaurants, and unique entertainment venues, Gallegos Lighting has established a unique approach combining theatrical design with an entertaining sensibility  for  architectural lighting design.


At Gallegos Lighting, we believe in “telling the story of a project in light,” a story developed with the project team of owners, designers, and contractors.   We measure this success by the metrics of user satisfaction and appreciation, repeat business from our clients, and industry recognition in the way of professional awards.


Gallegos Lighting Design was established in 1983 to supply the highest quality lighting design services to the architectural, specialty design, and exhibit industries.   As lighting designers, the goal of Gallegos Lighting is to combine architectural and theatrical design to create environments that speak to the needs of human beings who are experiencing a space.

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